Build a Flat-File CMS - Part 1


VIew LilaWorks flat-file Content Management System Demonstration

If you are curious as to why I decided to do this, when there are so many CMS frameworks already available, you can read about it here.

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Build a Flat-File CMS - Part 2


Data Files

data files

The data files contain site-specific data such as images, posts and pages.   The first ones that I will describe are 'posts' and 'content-blocks'.


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An Affair Gets Serious


Why would a faithful Windows user suddenly run off with a strange operating system?

Maybe because I was tired of all the options I never used, tired of not knowing where things were, tired of the sluggishness.  Or maybe just because all the cool people seemed to using Ubuntu.  

Anyway, I did it.  I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop.

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Why I Love Milford


Genius Deer

deer eating landscaping

Yes, the deer eat everyone's flowers, but...they are magical to me - rght out of a Harry Potter story.

Our local deer are not just charming. They have figured out how to avoid being roadkill.

They stand on the side of the road and look both ways before crossing.

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TJ Maxx - User Experience


Visiting a store is like visiting a website. What makes me want to stay is the user experience.

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They Answer the Phone


cat in flower potWhen you have a problem with hosting, it's really nice when someone answers the phone.   A chat is ok, but having a real voice to talk to is even better. 

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