A Flat File Database for Websites

When I first started blogging, I remember trying to figure out how the CMS worked. Where was my text being stored? It seemed to magically appear on the screen, summoned up from some mysterious chamber of secrets, which I soon found out was The Database. The Database had all sorts of arcane rules an... Read More

The Joy of Reinventing the Wheel

Yes, good code has already been written, so why try and do it yourself? I'm not really sure why I feel compelled to do this. Is it the challenge of creating an algorithm? Like taking apart a clock to see what makes it tick? I do know that I have learned a lot from this back-engineering effort, espe... Read More

Describing Code in Ordinary Language

If code is a language, then it doesn't translate to English very well. Yes, it mostly uses English words, but not the way most of us understand. I can code, and I can talk, but for some reason I have trouble talking about code. It's as if another part of my brain does coding. When I'm coding, I'm i... Read More

Fruit Flies

I have fruit flies in my kitchen. How to get rid of them? Go to the Internet, of course... I don't think I'm alone here. The Internet is an Answer Machine for any question you can think of. I learned that you can put some vinegar in a bottle, stretch plastic wrap over the top, punch a little hole,... Read More

Indistinguishable from Magic

Click I just uploaded a new image to my blog. Then I stepped away from my computer to check how it looked on my cell phone. Wow - there it was. A whole minute hadn't passed. Here's the Explanation: a bunch of invisible Electromagnetic Waves flew through the air from my house to a server halfway... Read More

Software and Mind Blowing

There's a 3-inch-thick book sitting on my desk that I just finished reading. It took me about 3 days - ok, I skipped a little here and there, but mostly, I was glued to it. The line on the back cover convinced me to buy it: "Programmers rely on worthless theories, development environments and read... Read More
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