A Simple Flat-file Database

For small website applications, it may be practical to use a flat-file database. An advantage is that data and executable files are stored together. The website can be zipped for uploading to a ser... Read More

How to Cheat at Web Design

I have a new client. She wants a website and she has very specific ideas about how it should look. She wants certain colors, a logo over here, a photo over there, a bunch of links at the bottom, each ... Read More

A Web Designer Makes Cookies

A friend just asked me to make some cookies for a party. She suggested chocolate chip cookies, but asked me to use rice flour instead of wheat flour, since one of the guests is gluten sensitive. I sai... Read More

Indistinguishable from Magic

Indistinguishable from Magic
Click. I just uploaded a photo of my cat to my blog. Then I stepped away from my computer to check how it looked on my cell phone. Wow - there it was - my cat, Squeekie, beamed out of the ether. A w... Read More

An Affair Gets Serious

Why would a faithful Windows user suddenly run off with a strange operating system? Lots of reasons, but anyway,  I did it.  I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop. Two weeks after making the plunge,... Read More
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