I Silly Love PHP


So what do I love about PHP? Arrays!! What an efficient way to keep track of a list of information. All you need is a text file and some characters to serve as delimiters.  Then, like partic... Read More
Category: coding,general

The Plywood Piano


Suppose you like to play the piano but you aren't happy with the Steinway sitting in your living room.   It's a little too big and hard to move around.   An idea pops into your head - 'Hey - why n... Read More
Category: general

All the Web's a Stage


What exactly is a website anyway?  When I started building my DIY website engine, LilaWorks,  I felt like a blind person trying to descirbe an elephant from feeling different parts.    Theres a... Read More
Category: coding,general

An Affair Gets Serious


Why would a faithful Windows user suddenly run off with a strange operating system? Lots of reasons, but anyway,  I did it.  I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop. Two weeks after making the plu... Read More
Category: general

TJ Maxx - User Experience


Visiting a store is like visiting a website. What makes me want to stay is the user experience. TJ Maxx really gets it right. The minute I walk in I'm surrounded by pleasant views. The racks look l... Read More
Category: general

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