DIY CMS Part 3


DIY CMS Part 3

File Organization

A Tame CMS separates files into 2 categories: Files containing user-specific information and general purpose files. That way, the framework can be moved and updated without disturbing the user's content or presentation.

The user files reside in the 'data' and 'design' folders.

The 'data' folder contains content - pages, posts, images, comments, etc.

The 'design' folder contains presentation information - the style sheet, header and footer code, and customization data such as passwords and menus.

The general purpose files contain the 'mechanics' that deliver the content to the browser.  They include the page  layouts,  code snippets that can be 'included', and the programs that perform the administrative functions. 

One administrative program displays the 'admin area' where all the content is listed,  Others allow the user to add and update posts, pages and content.   You can see these in action on the A Tame CMS demo Admin  Panel .

The following shows the files that underly the A Tame CMS framework.   Ckeditor is by far the largest.



data files


Stay tuned for Part 4...

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