Code Imitates Life?


Do other people find themselves getting code mixed up in their regular lives?

Maybe there's not really a difference.  Computer language seems to be full of metaphors.

PHP especially seems to imitate life.  For example:  Some HTML code is busy putting doodads on your computer screen and all of a sudden it sees this thing:  code bit

HTML stops in its tracks for a moment while some activity goes on back on the server.  Then, HTML goes back what it was doing before.

Just like me - I'm clicking away on the keyboard and a paw lands on my right hand.   I stop what I'm doing, go to the refrigerator (server?!?), put cat food in a dish, then go back to what I was doing.  

Another way that PHP imitates life is with arrays.

Arrays are such a neat way to keep track of stuff.  You can start with a list in a text file with some extra characters to serve as delimiters.

Then, like particles versus waves, there are two ways of looking at your list - as the original string or an 'array', where each list item is assigned a numbered position, like letters in post office boxes.

The best part is that strings can be 'exploded' into arrays and arrays 'imploded' back into strings. Every time I type in 'explode ' a  movie comes on in my mind of my string going 'POW' like a firecracker and all the fields shooting out in all directions with sparks.  I wonder who thought that up.

After using arrays for a while, the implode and explode functions have become second nature and I find myself using the concept in other parts of my life as well.

At night,my cats are strung out on the bed, separated by '    '. Then in the morning, they 'explode' into

hungryCats[1] and hungryCats[2]

and I have to prepare

$catFood[1] = 'liver';
$catFood[2] = 'turkey';

if (! in_array($catFood, 'turkey') || ! in_array ($catFood, 'liver') ) {

I'm in trouble;.}

THe idea of delimiters applys to life as well.   In order for information to be useful, it needs to findable, to have it's own separate spot in digital memory.  And people do too. We each need our own 'space' where we feel we belong. And, when our boundaries are ill-defined, we don't do very well.   How many of us feel that we don't fit in? Or, that another person's boundaries are intermingled with our own?

So hey, get to a digital psychiatrist and learn how to establish your own place on the string of life and make sure and get a good delimiter. So....

$YourLIfeArray = explode ("!!!", $opportunityString);

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