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Ralphie the cat

First Column

Ralphie is a cat.

Get off the table, Ralphie!
Oh, dear, he's at it again!

This is a paragraph

Some random text...
Raphie's personal data:

  1. Orange
  2. Stripey
  3. Lives in a house

Ralphie's resume:

Second column

Raphie's current job:

  1. Warming the baby bed
  2. Being cute
  3. Glaring at squirrels

Hey, Ralphie - want some of this tuna?


Tom and Martin

Heading 1

This sentence is in Italics! and This sentence is in BOLD!
This sentence has an asterisk *.
This sentence has a LINK.

A second paragraph
* This sentence uses the escape charcater ('*') to show an asterisk.
- This sentence uses the escape charcater ('-') to show a starting dash.

  1. One
  2. Two

Famous Quotes:

"The answers are found within the can of salmon."

"Meow and you will receive."

We love Ralphie!!!

2 cats and a table

After Blank lines

Text as HTML:

<p><br><br><br></p><h1> Demo</h1><p><img src = 'images/cat-and-chair.jpg ' alt = 'Ralphie the cat' class = 'image-center image-medium' /> </p><div class = 'half-column'><h1> <span class = 'color1'>First Column</span></h1><h2> Ralphie is a cat.</h2><p><span class = 'color1'>Get off the table, Ralphie!</span><br>Oh, dear, he's at it again!<br><br></p><h3>This is a paragraph</h3><p>Some random text...<br><b>Raphie's personal data:</b></p><ol><li> Orange</li><li> Stripey</li><li> Lives in a house</li></ol><p><b>Ralphie's resume:</b></p><ul><li>Lazy</li><li>Fat</li><li>Spoiled</li><li>Charming</li></ul></div><div class = 'half-column'><h1> Second column</h1><p><b>Raphie's current job:</b></p><ol><li> Warming the baby bed</li><li> Being cute</li><li> Glaring at squirrels</li></ol><p><span class = 'color2'>Hey, Ralphie - want some of this <span class = 'color1'>tuna?</span> </span></p></div><p><br></p><a href = 'index.php'>Home</a><p><img src = 'images/Tom-and-Martin.png ' alt = 'Tom and Martin' class = 'image-right image-medium' /> <br><br><br></p><h1> Heading 1</h1><p><i>This sentence is in Italics!</i> and <b>This sentence is in BOLD!</b><br>This sentence has an <i>asterisk</i> *.<br>This sentence has a <a href = 'https://lilaavenue.com'>LINK</a>.</p><p>A second paragraph<br>* This sentence uses the escape charcater ('*') to show an asterisk.<br>- This sentence uses the escape charcater ('-') to show a starting dash.</p><ol><li> One</li><li> Two</li></ol><ul><li>bullet1</li><li>bullet2</li></ul><p><b>Famous Quotes:</b></p><blockquote><p>"The answers are found within the can of salmon."</p><p>"Meow and you will receive."</p></blockquote><h3> We love Ralphie!!!</h3><div style = 'clear: both; float: none;'></div><p><img src = 'images/2-cats-and-table.jpg ' alt = '2 cats and a table' class = 'image-center image-medium' /> <br><br><br><br><br><br></p><h2>After Blank lines</h2>

Markdown Instructions

# Heading1
## Heading2
### Heading3
#### Heading4
##### Heading5

***Bold Italics***

Note: To show an asterisk in the text, use '\*'

BOX Text within box ENDBOX

BREAK Ends left or right justification after image
BLANKLINE Inserts a blank line
BLANKLINES:4 Inserts 4 blank lines - use any 1 or 2 digit number

! [ image description ] ( image file )
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! [ image description ] ( image file ) LEFT
! [ image description ] ( image file ) LEFT SMALL

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[ link name ] ( link url )

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[ ! [image description] ( image file) ] (link url )

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Bullet List  - item (single dash followed by a space)
Numeric List  1. item(number followed by a period)

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COLOR3 text to be colored ENDCOLOR

3COL1Text 3COL2Text 3COL3Text ENDCOL

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