Welcome to Lila Works

 Lila Works is a simplified content management system for websites and blogs, designed for ease of use.

You are currently viewing the Lila Works demo website.  This is the way it would appear if you were logged in as an administrator.  Other visitors would not see the purple 'admin-panel' button in the sidebar.

If you click on the 'admin panel'  button you will see a display of the website's total content, including all the posts, pages, categories and comments.

Demo Content

If you click 'blog' on the menu some sample blog posts will appear.   Four categories are available for classifying the blog posts, and more can be added. (And, yes, one of them is 'CATS'!)

If you click on the 'edit page' button you will see the editing screen for the home page.  Beneath this area is a display of all the images belonging to the website.  It is not necessary to visit a separate page to locate your pictures.


Lila Works saves your content in text files instead of a database, giving you the ability to easily download your files on your own computer.

The minimalist interface lets you focus on your writing instead of a host of confusing options.   Additional features can be easily incorporated into the core design.

Latest Post

Overturn the Apple Cart



About once a month I realize something is missing or not quite right and I turn the whole pile of code upside down and let the pieces fall out.   Then, I look at each one and rearrange them into a new, hopefully better structure.


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