Database Demo 1

Database with a Single Table

The Nip Shoppe needed a database to keep track of their customers, products and orders. In the fast-paced world of catnip marketing, efficient data management is essential!

After an exhaustive search, Miss Kitty, head of the Nip Shoppe IT Department, decided to use a flat-file relational database because it was simple enough for cats to understand.

Of course, Miss Kitty's exhaustive search was so exhausting that she needed a nap. But before she fell asleep, she managed to create a database table: 'Products', which you can see in this example::

Files and folders for this demo

 Nip Shoppe database demo 1 files

Contents of the 'data' folder:
 Nip Shoppe data file

Contents of the 'data/products' folder:

Contents of the 'inc' folder: