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Fruit Flies

I have fruit flies in my kitchen.

How to get rid of them? Go to the Internet, of course... I don't think I'm alone here. The Internet is an Answer Machine for any question you can think of.

On Google, I learned that you can put some vinegar in a bottle, stretch plastic wrap over the top, punch a little hole, and voila! The fruit flies go in but they can't get out.

Yet how often do I hear this:  "people are always checking their smart phones and not interacting with each other".   "we're addicted to the internet and losing our humanity".

To which I say - but what are we finding on the internet?

Other people.

It's people who post vacation pictures and birthday wishes and tips for controlling fruit flies.  It's people who splatter pictures of their cats across the ether.  It's people who create recipes for avocados and chocolate.   It's even people who complain about the evils of our 'internet addiction'.

The telephone is a device, too, and when you talk on the phone, you are still just talking to people. (well, mostly...)  But it allows us to reach out from the confines of our physical location  and interact with the larger world.

I recently visited a young couple and their new baby.   The mom and dad spent a lot of time checking their shared baby schedule apps.  When the baby was sleeping they were both engrossed in their computers.   He played video games with his brother in another state while she read parenting blogs.

It was great.  The tv was off and everyone was fully engrossed in what they were doing.   There was a sense of engagement and contentment in the room.

So, when you see a family looking at their cell phones instead of each other, is that really worse than all watching tv together?   Or simply being bored.  Are we connected in a larger way than merely through conversation?