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Fun PHP projects for the Quarantine

Hey, all you bored PHP programmers - need something to do besides watch Tiger King on Netflix?

Here are some projects that will allow you to code something useful, and maybe add some zing back into your life. All are written in PHP and use text-file data, so database access is not required - just PHP installed on your local machine.

Before you get started, a disclaimer - this project features a feline protagonist, 'Miss Kitty' who runs the IT department at the Nip Shoppe Catnip Emporium. She needs a way to organize her life so that she can keep track of her appointments, meetings and grandkitten's birthdays, among other things. She also needs a way to keep a daily journal. You can follow her progress in on the Daily Journal page:

Fortunately, cats are not susceptible to COVID 19, so the Nip Shoppe is open for business!