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Indistinguishable from Magic


I just uploaded a new image to my blog. Then I stepped away from my computer to check how it looked on my cell phone.

Wow - there it was. A whole minute hadn't passed.
Here's the Explanation: a bunch of invisible Electromagnetic Waves flew through the air from my house to a server halfway around the world, then back to my house and into my cell phone. At the touch of a button. In seconds.

Really? Think of all those Electromagnetic Waves zipping round us all the time that WE CAN'T SEE. There are invisible. All we see are the end products - like my blog picture.
Of course we believe this is how it happens - it's Science.

Odd that we believe this explanation, but we completely balk at one that is very similar.
I have a friend who receives messages from family members who have passed away. She thinks they are around us all the time. They are invisible, and only particular "devices" can access their messages. Most people find this explanation unbelievable. Imagine - claiming that our poor clumsy "brains" can do the same trick as our marvelous cell phones - like pluck invisible words and pictures out of thin air.

Naa - cell phones were created by scientists, not "brains"!

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