Switching Between Languages

I seem to spend half my time working with PHP and the other half with Javascript. But it's not easy. - makes my brain complain. Sort of like switching from driving on the left side of the road to driving on the right.

The two languages are so close but so different. Some things are exactly the same, like curly brackets , if statements and ending semicolons. But variables in PHP start with "$" and JS don't. Of course I get into the habit of adding that dollar sign and then JS has a complete fit.

And what's with the console log? Can't you just spit out info like with PHP print_r?

Then there's string concatenation. PHP uses a period and JS uses a plus sign. Of course, I'm going to forget and use the wrong one. Ack!

But the worst part is that when spend a lot of time with PHP, JS seems completely and bizarrely incomprehensible. No matter how long I've been doing this, there's always a delay when I have to re-remember how to look at JS code.

Was JS created by aliens? Surely no human thinks that way - all those 'getElementById.wtf' statements... Seriously?

I wonder - when JS was created was there an attempt to deliberately mess with PHP programmers.

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