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 Cat with watch

Daily Journal 1

Click Here for Demo

Do you need a way to keep up with daily events? Miss Kitty uses this application to record her daily activities.... Read More

Daily Journal 2

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This version of the journal includes a second type of entry - 'schedule'. ... Read More

Daily Journal 3

Click Here for Demo

We can make this journal more useful by including a search function. ... Read More

Daily Journal 4

Click Here for DemoSo far, the journal only displays entries as plain text. In this demo, we have added a markdown parser so that entries can now be vi... Read More

Daily Journal 5

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Wouldn't it be nice to combine the daily journal with an appointment calendar? ... Read More

Daily Journal 6

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Miss Kitty would like a way to add recurring events to her calendar - meetings, appointments, holidays, etc. ... Read More

Daily Journal 7

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Two new features have been added to the Daily Journal. ... Read More