Build a Daily Journal

 Cat with watch

Journal 6

Miss Kitty would like a way to add recurring events to her calendar - meetings, appointments, holidays, etc. In addition to her database of calendar days, she needed an 'events' table.An event rec... Read More

Daily Journal 5

Wouldn't it be nice to combine the daily journal with an appointment calendar? That way Miss Kitty can check her schedule and then record the events of the day as well. All that is required is to di... Read More

Daily Journal 4

So far, the journal only displays entries as plain text. In this demo, we have added a markdown parser so that entries can now be viewed as HTML. Both the plain text and HTML versions are saved in... Read More

Daily Journal 3

We can make this journal more useful by including a search function. When a search term is entered, a list of journal entries that contain the term will be returned. The search term will be highli... Read More

Daily Journal 2

This version of the journal includes a second type of entry - 'schedule'. Both 'journal' and 'schedule' entries are still saved in the text file for each day, but a character delimiter is now used to ... Read More

Daily Journal 1

This journal is a simple way to record daily events, such as a diary or a record of meetings.The data consists of a text file for each day of the month ('01.txt' ), within a month folder ('01') within... Read More