Lila Avenue

Website Design and Development

Save time and avoid frustration!

Instead of relying on complicated, one-size-fits-all products such as WordPress or Squarespace, Lila Avenue provides a simple framework tuned to just your needs. No need to learn confusing terms, read manuals or get locked into a particular theme. Now you can bypass the roadblocks between your ideas and a successful result.

Unique Designs

Are you tired of cookie-cutter website designs? Would you like something different? We build your website from the ground up, according to your wishes.

Online Demo

Our services include an online demo of your website where you can view and critique different layouts and design options.

Easy Interface

Our administrative dashboard is simple and intuitive. There are no plugins or widgets, saving you the effort of keeping these services up to date. Built-in features include blogging, image galleries and slideshows, contact forms, threaded comments, memberships, a forum and calendar. Search engine optimization options are provided for every page and blog post.

Additional Features

If you need a unique feature, our technical staff can most likely create the application just for you.

Management Options

You may choose to make edits and changes yourself from the administrative dashboard, or you can let us take care of updating your content. An email with your requested changes, text and images if all we need.

Contact us at (513) 418-1480 or leave us a message here.

We will be glad to talk with you about your business goals, and offer our insights into how a website can best serve you.