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Too Much Work!

Keeping up with WordPress websites is exhausting - all the updates, plugins, security, backups, dashboard, widgets, the evil hackers in Whereisthatistan... ack!!!!!

Wix and SquareSpace aren't much better, since you have to jump through so many hoops just to get your words out there.

Well, there's Bootstrap.... but what a lot of trouble that is - makes me tired just thinking about all those dashes and letters and numbers, just to get some CSS that looks good on different screen sizes.

Sometimes all you want is a simple blog where you can enter some text and a few pictures.    With a few simple options that don't intimidate the user.   But... you don't want your website to have that antique look - narrow with tiny, weird-colored fonts and not responsive.

Recently, I ran across a marvelous blog post by Tania Rascia ( titled "You Don't Need A Framework".

No Framework?

I had just finished reading Andrei Sorin's  "Software and Mind", which talked about things getting way too complex in the codeiverse. So, I had the idea that maybe I should just write my own blog engine

And leave out all the complicated parts, like the database and javascript. Just use php and arrays and text files...

So this website represents what I came up with: my DIY, no-frills, itty-bitty blog engine. I had fun doing it too - like being back in college working on a project. Right now the code takes up approximately 120 kb in 65 files, not including images and text data. 

I keep a copy of each website on my home computer and whenever I want to change the design I make a zip and upload it to the server. No complicated backup procedure

Of course, this is a work in progress. Lots remains to be done. I plan to show the steps I took to when I get it finished.

But now Squeekie and I need a nap!

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