Welcome to Lila Avenue Website Services

Tired of cookie-cutter websites?

Do you need a specialized website?

Would you like to upgrade your legacy website?

I create custom websites that can be quickly installed and easily maintained.


When your requirements are difficult to meet with a standard website framework, I may be able to help. A customization can include:

  • Multiple blogs with different formats
  • Specialized galleries, grids and slideshows
  • Individualized template pages
  • Unique header and thematic elements
  • Specialized code


If you don't have time to read a manual or update plugins, I can help you keep things simple.

I customize the management of your website by letting you focus on features you actually use. No need to learn how to navigate a confusing dashboard with endless options.

If you would prefer, you can opt to let me maintain your content for you. Just send an email with the changes you would like to your pages, sidebars or blog and I will take care of the rest.

Contact Me:

Susan Rodgers
Lila Avenue Website Services
(513) 418-1480