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Build a Content Management System

This set of demos will illustrate steps to transform a single page HTML website into a multi-page version with a content management system that accesses a flat-file database.

The Steps 1 and 2 show a simple html website. Step 3 shows the addition of a folder for the html text documents, which will become part of a flat-file database.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 show ways to incorporate an additional page.

Step 7 sets up the 4 elements needed for an administrative function: Login and logout pages, a file for the login-credentials, and an administrative landing page - 'Control Panel'.

Step 8 provides editing capability for the html blocks.
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Full version:

CMS Step 1

The index.php script contains all the HTML for the page:

CMS Step 2

The html has been broken down into individual blocks.

CMS Step 3

A folder has been created for html blocks.

CMS Step 4

A second page has been added.

CMS Step 5

A php script has been created for each page.

CMS Step 6

A folder has been created for 'pages'.

CMS Step 7

A login has been added

CMS Step 8

Html blocks can now be edited.