A content management tool for creating websites.

  • Dashboard with access to all user content
  • Dashboard is customizable
  • Simple Click and drop page building
  • Blogging engine with post categories
  • Multiple blogs and blog formats available
  • Comments and comment forum
  • Image uploading into optional folders
  • Markdown editor
  • Built-in calendar
  • calendar events for day, month or year
  • Multiple formats for galleries and slideshows
  • Built-in contact form and subscribe form
  • Mobile responsive
  • Data stored in a flat-file database
  • No external libraries
  • Text editing with a custom 'markdown' parser
  • All files and database contained in a single folder
  • No plugins
  • Can be installed in minutes on a server that runs PHP
  • Access points provided for additional functions
  • Previous text versions can be accessed and restored
  • Deleted material goes to 'trash' and can be restored
  • CSS changes can be made from the dashboard

All websites in portfolio were created using L6. Demos can been seen at The Nip Shoppe and Wealthy Cats. Enjoy!