Lila Avenue develops both new an existing websites. Our process always begins with a consultation where we learn about your needs and you learn about our products and services. If both parties are interested in pursuing a project, we will determine the scope, costs and time frame.

We will use the information you provide to create a prototype of your project. If you have design preferences, we will incorporate those and suggest a structure of pages and menus. The text and images you provide will be used to create the pages and sidebar content.

We will also work with you on appropriate elements for Search Engine Optimization. We follow the Google published SEO guides, however, you may wish to work with an SEO specialist for further enhancements.

You will have online access to this prototype which you may review and critique. When you are ready, the prototype will be published as a live website on the hosting platform of your choice..

You will be given a guide to the operation of your website and we will work with you until you are comfortable with the control panel options. As your website will not depend on external software, there should be very little software maintenance required.

I you would prefer, you may choose to let us maintain and make edits to your website for you.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone or email for any questions you may have about the operation of your website.