Lila Avenue
Website Design


Do you have a website that you would like to change? Or perhaps you don't have a website at all. Our goal is to help you use the amazing capabilities of the Internet to present your organization's products and services to the online community.

Getting Started

We offer an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and provide a cost estimate. Your cost is based on the amount of content and number of features you request. Our services include design, layout and functionality as well as access to an online demo of your website.


We work with a custom PHP - JavaScript Content Management System that allows you to log in to a private administrative area to access your text and images. Available features include a choice of themes, picture galleries, slideshows, blogging, threaded comments for posts, contact forms and an event calendar.

Our CMS includes a flat-file database and does not rely on external libraries, resulting in greater security and speed of operation.

Our websites are optimized for visibility on screens of multiple widths, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Going Live

When you are ready, the demo version of your website will be transferred to a hosting platform. You may already have a web hosting account but if not, we will help you choose one that matches your needs.

Upon completion of your project, you can choose to maintain your website yourself, or purchase our yearly plan which lets you email or call us with the changes you would like.