Tutorial: Do-It-Yourself Content Management System

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How to build a simple flat-file website framework for your blog or portfolio.   Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP are the only requirements.

DIY CMS - Part 1


Introduction LilaWorks is a dynamic PHP website framework that uses text files in place of a database.   How Does it Work? If I'm making cookies, I need a recipe.  The recipe is a string o... Read More
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DIY CMS Part 2


How a Page is Built The index.php file is the first file accessed upon a server request and has to do all the heavy lifting.    First, index.php has to figure out which page is requested.   If ... Read More
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DIY CMS Part 3


File Organization LilaWorks separates files into 2 categories: Files containing user-specific information and general purpose files. That way, the framework can be moved and updated without disturb... Read More
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